The series tells the story of Alice Vaughan, who deals with the detection of various scams. The Catch: Season 1. Loading... Save. Ben agrees to help Rhys with one of their biggest cons to date: to break Leah Wells out of FBI custody. Sign in.

Season 2.

8 June 2016 | by dustie-1 – See all my reviews Love that this show keeps you on your toes, and even then, often you say...oh, I should have, but I just didn't see that coming. One day, Alice discovers that her fiance Benjamin Jones made a scam and disappeared, but he wants to find him at all costs without destroying his career at the same time. Meanwhile, Sophie asks Alice and the AVI team to help a friend get out of a very bad contract, and, in doing so, they learn that Sophie has a few more tricks up her sleeve.

Each cop/good guy/bag guy type show needs a unique hook to keep you coming back, and this one has one that catches you in the beginning and keeps you coming back. The Catch: Season 1 The Catch; 11 videos; 1,203 views; Last updated on May 4, 2018; From $14.99 Play all Share. Sign in to YouTube.

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