Its first meaning is 'निरीक्षण करना' which can be transliterated into english as 'nirikshan karna'. Synonym Discussion of overlook. 1. transitive verb. This is the British English definition of look / watch over someone’s shoulder.View American English definition of look / watch over someone’s shoulder.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Look Over Meaning in Hindi. I looked the … plough through. Definition of look-over, with etymology, pronunciation (phonetic and audio), synonyms, antonyms, derived terms and more about the word look-over.

Understand to look over one's shoulder meaning and enrich your vocabulary 2. to look over one's shoulder synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'look out',look up',look after',look into', definition. LOOK OVER 'LOOK OVER' is a 8 letter phrase starting with L and ending with R Crossword clues for 'LOOK OVER'

In Reply to: Look over posted by Henry on May 26, 2003: : Here are two sentences, which include the phrase "look over". To make different in some way. (intr, preposition) to inspect by making a tour of (a factory, house, etc) we looked over the country house. 2. noun lookover. To give a brief visual inspection. To review or inspect something. look over in British English. have a go (BrE) means to try to do something, which mean more involvement. A noun or pronoun can be used between "look" and "over." Verb. I'll look over your report tonight and give you feedback in the morning. to be vigilant or on guard: Look out, there are dangers ahead. To study or check into thoroughly. (look over) To have a view in a specified direction, typically from above. I'll look over your report tonight and give you feedback in the morning.

Run something over. verb. look over sth definition: 1. to quickly examine something: 2. to quickly examine something: 3. to quickly examine….

To look about for. to look to the outside, as from a window or a place of observation: From her office window, she could look out over the bustling city. (tr, adverb) to examine (a document, letter, etc) please look the papers over quickly.

A noun or pronoun can be used between "look" and "over."

Improve condition. ‘Dad will first take the two tickets and look them over like a valuator inspecting diamonds.’ ‘I examined the ring, looking it over and wondering if ever it would grace his finger again.’ ‘Now look those files over; I gotta check out the rest of the ship and then you'll be up and away.’ ‘They were ready to look the aircraft over.’ To review or inspect something. 2. Rise to or reach a great height. Look over. means to superficially cover. I wonder if the word "over" is a preposition or an adverb.
There are total 2 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word 'look over'. The terms. Definition of look over. have a look. Overlook definition is - to look over : inspect.

Posted by R. Berg on May 26, 2003. Synonyms for look-over at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. : to inspect or examine especially in a cursory way. to afford a view; face: The room looks …
Column B Over Through.

means to see what is visible on the surface, not too much involvement. I looked the …

gloss over. Find descriptive alternatives for look-over.

How to use overlook in a sentence. means … Definition and synonyms of look / watch over someone’s shoulder from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. Look. Learn more.