I was the second oldest and hated every moment of being expected to wrangle the kids you and Dad chose to breed. Speak for yourself, mother. We all know about the Duggars and other families in the US having child after child.

I'm just curious about the general opinion.

My mother always comments on Facebook how people who are rude about big families need to stop commenting about it and to stop feeling sorry for their kids because 'my children all adored their huge happy family'. Children in large families oftentimes suffer in one way or another because their parents are incapable of providing for their children emotionally, financially, and psychologically. But as a child, I just new I was different, I had … What do you think constitutes a large family. What You Said About Large Families, Irresponsible Parenting by Anne Green | Dec 14, 2017 By now, you’ve seen the viral video of a polar bear starving on Canada’s Baffin Island , a symbol of the impacts of the climate change. Sir David Attenborough has suggested it is irresponsible to have a large family in today’s overcrowded world. A large family helps to build responsible adults that can cooperate because children from large families must work harder and together in order help meet all the requirements of every member in the family. My friend Renee was recently quoted in an article about whether or not having a large family is irresponsible. Is it irresponsible to have large families now days? Are Large Families Irresponsible? I believe the large family is endangered because of the erroneous notion of over population. But I do wish parents of large families would admit that there are effects of family size their children feel. I'm not saying they shouldn't. As an adult, I am able to see how little many of things I thought were important as a child didn’t matter at all. This isn't a great picture, but I love how the big boys are helping Owen. There is no way that parents of large families can effectively do these things for a large number of children.