Dead Zone - Theoretically this could have taken place before the arrival of Raditz, however, this would have meant that Krillen and Bulma saw Goku recently, but at the beginning of DBZ they act as if they haven't seen him in a long time.

!, is basically set before the events of Dragon Ball Z.If not for the fact that Master Roshi and co. are unaware of the existence of Gohan to start DBZ then this film could be shoe-horned into the canon. When Goku asks if he can take a turn, Piccolo tells him to shut up.

They talk favorite scenes, films and the DBZ canon, bits they’d change about this movie, a bit of personal history with the franchise, and much more! The Subtle Doctor & Grant The Thief break down 1989’s Dead Zone aka Dragon Ball Z aka Dragon Ball Z: Return My Gohan. It's not perfect by any means but it's still enjoyable as a DBZ sidequest. Oh yeah and Wrath of the Dragon. Additionally, there's more "burden" or "urgency" to find a way to shoehorn Dead Zone into the main timeline than the other DBZ movies because the Garlic Jr. saga exists later in DBZ. Upon re-watching it as an analytical adult however I notice that it is most definitely not a great movie.

He was pushed into the Dead Zone leading to an endless limbo of torture.

Unlike the previous movies, this one doesn't blow ass. Unlike the previous movies, this one doesn't blow ass. Dead Zone: Fits in the 5 years between Dragon Ball and DBZ.

He then gets sucked up by the dead zone but gets saved by Goku who says that Garlic Jr is not dead. If you wipe out Dead Zone, you obviously have to wipe out the entire Garlic Jr. saga without even taking into account the saga's canonicity because it depends on Dead Zone happening earlier.

Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, originally released theatrically in Japan as simply Dragon Ball Z and later as Dragon Ball Z: Return My Gohan!! Dead Zone, or Return My Gohan! It's not perfect by any means but it's still enjoyable as a DBZ sidequest. I wonder what he does all day.

With some of the best-choreographed fights in Dragon Ball history, Dead Zone was also the only movie to have Kami get in on the action. It was first released in 2007 by a group called Neighbourhood Cluck, which some considered as Team Four Star, but TeamFourStar denied this.The movie was officially done by Team Four Star released on their Youtube channel on November 4, 2013. This is a list of movies that can fit within the Dragon Ball Z timeline. The new movies at first appeared to be manga canon … The Garlic Jr. Saga.

But he would return in a filler saga of the show. This always stood out to me as a child. Movies that are actually canon are marked. An alien whose father was in the running for the title of the God of Earth. The anime continuity has acknowledge several of the movies (namely Dead Zone, Cooler's Revenge, and Wrath of the Dragon) so those are ostensibly part of anime canon.