Classic editor History Comments Share. Super Buuhan [Golden Frieza Absorbed] vs Goku + Vegeta SSJG SS. here is the prove! Goku would return to the afterlife and stay dead. Goku SSJG comes in prepared to finish the bout he began with Beerus. Buuhan (Super buu with Gohan) is by far the most powerful of the buu forms. BoG Vegeta vs Buuhan Discussion in 'Mainstream Shonen Battledome' started by TheSweetFleshofDeath, Jul 27, 2013. re: Raging Vegeta SSJ2 , Ultimate Gohan, Gotenks SSJ3 & Goku SSJ3 vs Buuhan, Janemba, Gogeta SSJ I think it would come down to Gogeta and Goku. Join … They had to instantly go Super Saiyan to compare with him. He put up a better fight than Gohan did and is supposed to be > SSJ3 Goku or whatever/ Still think Buuhan stomps. 90 comments Why would Goku fuse with Vegeta to Vegetto when Gogeta would he enough? That's just how strong he was. This takes place where Gotenks and Piccolo were only on Earth. If this is not Z Vegito, then they make it to round 6 but lose 7/10. So Goku with his SSJ3, and android 17 should mop the floor with Buuhan. Ultimate Gohan will be in a frenzy. Buuhan wins. I have a question, have goku and vegeta surpassed the likes of Buuhan in a much shorter time compared to GT goku. SSJ4 Goku vs Buuhan ... Buuhan makes glass and stabs Goku to death. I think Buuhan. Goku didnt know the power of Gogeta and because the time limit I think Goku dont wanted to make a risico.

Mystic Goku: And that's how it goes! When Vegeta and Goku fused, in their regular state they were still no match for Super Buuhan. Are goku and Vegeta in their base forms in super post black arc stronger than Buuhan?

Edit. TheSweetFleshofDeath. Vegeta has no counter for the candy beam. 0. now buuhan>>buutenks we all know that.janemba was not trying even but do you realy think that janemba>buuhan i mean buuhan is alot stronger than buutenks i would say janmeba is slightly weaker than buutenks. Vegeta vs. Dabura mlunny1121. Vegeta would have become known as the universe’s hero. Mystic Gogeta vs Buuhan. buutenks not even trying was far above goku ssj3! Goku, Gohan and Vegeta get their potental unlocked. Kid Buu is not the most powerful Buu. Super Gokuu/Vegeta (no transforming allowed) vs. Buuhan Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. umm super buu > gotenks also i believe that its stated that the earrings are much stronger then fusion dance. The following will be all the strongest incarnations of these characters. Round 1: Goku starts at SSBKK20, Vegeta starts at SSBE, all are at full power. IMO Goku in movie 13 was hax to hell in it. Vegeta has no way to put down buuhan. :D. Logically, SSJ4 Goku ... We saw how useless SSJ3 was against Baby Vegeta and when Goku managed to … Logically these two beings cant be around at the same time since they require Goku and thus c » Super Buuhan [Golden Frieza Absorbed] vs Goku + Vegeta SSJG SS. so buuhan is stronger than janemba Goku, Gohan and Vegeta get their potental unlocked. buuhan is stronger. Vegetto vs Porta fusion Gokhan. Even if we assume he's still cell games level, Goten and Trunks together in a fusion made a being almost or maybe even stronger than super buu. some of you gotta reread the manga. No UI for Goku.Round 2: Complete Ultra Instinct Goku and SSBE Vegeta vs buuhan wins why though? both in base most likely being lower than 17. Even if you think that the clone is stronger than Vegeta, Goku was exactly equal to the clone. Vegeta would have doomed the entire universe, and everyone is slaughtered.