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�� �=߸��_ޗ�8�~�?�z_r��+�)�L��3�Q� �Ȼ�� K��� �w�3�����!��� JG�_�>/L�c� ��q����/�q��������?y_�H�k�g�����w�3����� �E߸��_ޗ܇�+�)�L��3�U��r.�����*� ��}�~����!��� JG�W�>/L�n��_ҩ��?���8�~�?�z_r����{5�3�R�ρV?�Ȼ�� K��� ���g�/�K�C�����f��| 0000004677 00000 n Fax 01206 792679 L R Nash (SMK) Ltd trading as Sportsmarketing SMK Commerce Way Whitehall Road Industrial Estate Colchester Essex CO2 8HH Map. The 20 being the best of the lot. SMK Custom XS38 Carbine Rifle High power hunting XS38 Underlever Full size, full power Air Rifle Action Fixed barrel underlever Type Spring and piston sliding breech Stock Hardwood (deeply polished) Trigger Two stage Length (total) 45 Oct 10th 2014 REVIEW: SMK XS38 Underlever Air Rifle - Full Power Hunter Airgun - This rifle does exactly what it says on the tin, downrange it thumps the targets time after time with incredible accuracy. Professional Tuning Kit and Video on tuning, servicing etc for the SMK QB/XS 78/79 models. Just Air Guns is the largest online air rifles shop in the UK, choose from spring air rifles, PCP rifles, Co2 rifles and all available for home delivery. ASG XS36 & XS38 Models SMK. The goal of this portal is to provide usefull links and information to those who own or are looking for a Chinese air rifle or pistol. 1=�6~ � } After tuning they can be excellent, I've a QB79 giving me 10.5ft/lb and with the accuracy of the things - pellet on pellet at 30 yards, no problem - yes, fine for 30 yards or less. Superb deep polish blued finish and attention to every detail makes this rifle unique value for the money. The two I would recommend as best for tuning and hunting though are either an XS19 or XS20. Quality control is not great though so you would need to check the actual rifle you are buying very closely as they do differ enormously out of the box. SMK XS15 air rifle. t� '�RI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�-$�\�ҩ$�IJNO2��ny��o������B�/rUlY��P�y�L��3�U��r.�������ǻ�� K�Տ��i�#ٯ���| From images online I think I have narrowed it down to an SMK XS36 but an earlier one (I think). No. Made to SMK’s specification and regulated and prepared in England by skilled gunsmiths. Get one run through a chrono and if it's got the power, you should be OK. hi anyone watched the review of the smk xs38 spring rifle on air gun gear show looks really good for the money :up: Log in or Sign up. A DELUXE HUNTING COMBO Secrets of the SMOOTHTWIST barrel system wooby HUNTING the alteråawe method £3.50 9 772042 6164007 10 ONE-PIECE MOUNTS SMK guns have improved a great deal in the past couple of years. xref DB4/DB5. startxref 3 !1AQa"q�2���B#$R�b34r��C%�S���cs5���&D�TdE£t6�U�e���u��F'���������������Vfv��������7GWgw�������� ; !1AQaq"2����B#�R��3$b�r��CScs4�%���&5��D�T�dEU6te����u��F���������������Vfv��������'7GWgw���������� ? The XS38 is a full power full sized underlever air rifle which thanks to its fixed barrel design offers extreme levels of accuracy at all ranges. Can also be used in Airsporter, Mercury, Supersport, Superstar & Goldstar in conjunction with titan tuning parts to give a smoother firing cycle. My question is this - Is it possible to buy one of these lower end of the market rifles and by spending the money on a tuning kit and investing the time tweaking it get a decent and respectable rig together ? endstream endobj 23 0 obj <> endobj 24 0 obj <>stream Telephone 01206 795333. Anyway I just got off the phone with him and hes sending it back, re-tuned to 11.5ft/lb (which is down a little on standard, but a lot more accurate (if thats possible) I'll give you a report when its back with me. h�b```a``�f`b`���A��A� "�O8�7��+iV fk1 jRz�x�A��L����8/���` ���+u2 � �^Bh!�+P% � NitroGary0. This is the smallest of the XS range from SMK, this beautifully engineered rifle will make a great entry level air rifle. Company registration number: 10304462 Registered in England and Wales VAT registration number: 250 982103 Errors and Omissions Excepted DVD 5. SMK - Airgun spares . AirGunForum. I am stuck between buying a SMK xs38 ( HW77 copy ) for £150 'ish and then spending the same amount again to turn it into something decent , SMK XS38 Deluxe. Jun 23, 2013 #38 TOOL said: This is by far the best Trigger I've seen in action %%EOF 0000000016 00000 n Site Admin. Airgun Tuning Manual V2, for Spring powered models, 47 Pages On Dvd + Free Video 3. Getting a little deeper into tuning, you might start wondering if tuning your rifle could make it shoot at blazing speeds and accurate enough to shoot dimes at 300 yards. SMK XS38 OCTOBER 2010 MAKE A DIY LAMP FILTER U-BOLT Just how good is the new 5-grain hunting round? Either way, it wasn't working properly so, having disassembled it, there are two problems. SMK XS38 tuned w. custom Woodfield G.C.P. I WONT BE POSTING ANY ORDERS OUT AFTER MONDAY 21ST. 0000001084 00000 n These are spring powered air guns here folks, not Marine M40A1’s. Mod 2004 Pistol. TbT Air Rifle Tuning. Mod 20. $$*$$*' ')%%%%%). :cry: This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, The UK’s Favourite Drop-in Kits! PR900W . SMK’s own Black BS55 Domed pellets returned a spread of 13fps and average energy of 11.7ft/lbs, whilst a spread of 10fps with RWS Superfield, and 11.9ft/ lbs was equally impressive. 4. This is exactly the same as the standard XS38 except it comes with a custom high quality Italian finished wood stock. I'm very impressed. Sportsmarketing offer an incredible selection of shooting gear, mainly aimed at the shooter who wants to keep their budget in check. SMK QB/XS/TH 78 Bulk fill adaptor & S.Steel cap for Co2 or even air. Well, no, no it can’t. As of December 1st, 2019 Woodfield GCP … endstream endobj 25 0 obj <>stream 19 0 obj <> endobj Superb deep polish blued finish and attention to every detail makes this rifle unique value for the money. 26 0 obj <>stream Specialist air gun “tuning” kits are available from various companies but many of these kits are expensive and often … Hello. SMK XS38 .22 SMK XS38 .22. YOU MUST BE 18+ TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. L R Nash (SMK) Ltd trading as Sportsmarketing SMK Commerce Way Whitehall Road Industrial Estate Colchester Essex CO2 8HH Map. 0 He is fitting one of his own tuning kits, this will tame the beast as it can be quite "twangy" when fired with loads of recoil. Click on model when you check out. ���� Adobe d� �� � Great guy to deal with, have one of his kits installed in my BMK20 (known in the UK as XS20). SMK XS38 Custom SMK XS38 Custom .22/.177 Full size, full power Action Fixed barrel underlever Type Spring and piston sliding breech Stock Hardwood (deeply polished) Trigger Two stage Length (total) 114.5cm Length (barrel) 48cm Weight 3.8kg Automatic safety catch Adjustable open sights High polished blueing Fitted with best custom woodwork Superb value for money Superb finished rifle LG-:���rդ�� Please take the time to read them; it will only take a couple of minutes of your time. 275. <]/Prev 1311566>> The worst, was probably the one on my old SMK XS38, but Lyn Lewington did his witchcraft and it was brilliant for a single stage trigger, very light and super predictable . %PDF-1.4 %���� Mod 12. (2;2222;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;@@@@@;@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@�� #v" ��B Made to SMK’s specification and regulated and … Telephone 01206 795333. The XS38is a big old heavy beast, that needs seriously working on, and has a poor trigger. Welcome to Woodfield Gun Care Products, the home of the Welsh Willy Service Kits CHRISTMAS CLOSING DATES FOR ALL ONLINE ORDERS OFF FROM DEC 21ST TILL JAN 5TH. Got it back and got it all reassembled. I was given an underlever .22 rifle which has absolutely no markings on it whatsoever. WOW what a difference, I cant believe its the same gun, smooth on cocking, no spring ping, Smooth on discharge with a nice thud in your shoulder, It was always accurate before, now its just tighter. The webmaster is a collector of Chinese air rifles but does not have all the knowledge about them. He is fitting one of his own tuning kits, this will tame the beast as it can be quite "twangy" when fired with loads of recoil. PTFE Washers for Spring gun. SMK 208. parts.wmv - YouTube I can't find him on the member list? From o ring seal kits to spare washers and springs we have everything you require for your air rifle or pistol. SKU: SSXS36. *++++*./45554/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ""2(! Fax 01206 792679. SMK CP 1 0000000456 00000 n Forums > Airguns > Anything Airgun Related > The Forum Rules have undergone some minor changes and updates. Consists of modified Pellet probe, exhaust valve, stainless steel piercer, Piercer body*, grease, Valve block, MS 1 lube, Easy to use DVD and a full set of high quality replacement seals that last. Retailing at only £150 this could win the award for best value air gun easily. A massively powerful full sized underlever rifle, the XS38 has a fixed barrel and fully adjustable sights for maximum accuracy. ; If you would like to contribute to this … Bagnall and Kirkwood Airgun Spares Online store for all your spares airgun needs. ��I,'qI$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JR&5ދ��܆�@҈�������R�����?�px/^�����-亲ߘ�W�`�t8%b���OE��q�;�� H��; QB-78. I am a new member of the Site. 10 Fits: Air Arms TX200 Mk3, Pro Sport No.11 Fits: SMK models with springsup to 235mm length (cut to required length if needed), Stoeger X20, Webley Stingray (Turkish), Cometa Predator No.12 Fits: w-v-m Member. Hi, I just thought I'd pass on some info from a RFD I know, Its a chap called Lyn Lewington (Venoman) He is very kindly sorting out my XS38 for me. I DOUBT IF YOU WILL RECEIVE THE ORDER BEFORE CHRISTMAS. The XS15 has an adjustable rear sight and is grooved for a telescopic sight. ��$�NB�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%)$�IJI$�R�I$���I%9i$��^�I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���I$�$�I)I$�JRI$���������#��7ʣ�Y_��|'E��M���+���G��� mw���mr2�a���Y Very nicely finished Hard-wood stock, very smooth action, an automatic safety with an anti finger trap safety as well. aug 20, 2016 - smk bam air rifle owners manuals instant download smk xs78 qb78 .22cal air rifle owners instruction manual instant download also includes exploded diagram and break down of the smk xs78 qb78 .22cal air rifle Availability: Please call 0191 567 0147 for stock levels. trailer Because of this the XS38 Custom is perfect for both ambushing vermin and target shooting. 0000001359 00000 n 001 Cover_Rev1.indd The SMK XS38 is about the best rifle they sell IMO. Tinbum Tuning have developed a value for money air rifle tuning kit that really works! £39.95) (No reviews yet) Write a Review. Its on its way home now. 0000000658 00000 n B2. 0000000757 00000 n This Far-Eastern made rifle is an under lever style which has a huge full 12 ft pounds of power.

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